About Kimnana Bento

KimNaNa Bento was established by a group of people who shares common vision and idea about convenient boxed lunches. The etymology of the word KimNaNa is taken from the female protagonist appearing in Korean hit TV series “City Hunter”. KimNaNa is strong, optimistic with the courage to accept new things, the same personalities which formed the cornerstone of our company culture. The word Bento is the slang term for Chinese word 便当 or Bian Dang,meaning conveniently boxed.

We have found that although there are similar form of box lunches in many countries, most of them are plain and simple. It is only in Japan, Korea and Taiwan where bentos had really flourished and aesthetically prepared. In our opinion, there is no reason why these great looking, healthy, convenient and time saving boxed lunch cannot be a hit among our Malaysia working class. As such, it is KimNaNa Bento’s mission to make available quality and affordable bento for every working Malaysian!

Creative Bento Centre or CBC is KimNaNa Bento’s nexus of R&D and creativity, whereby our chef fuses elements of different culinary traditions to suit the diverse taste and needs of different people in Malaysia. You can count on KimNaNa Bento to showcase creativities and uniqueness in our upcoming bentos. Stay tune!