Bai Hao (白豪)


BAI HAO (白豪) (30 y)

Chef de Cuisine

Combining his name with a Hong Kong Comic character, Bai Hao has 10 years working experience in the F&B industry.

He had graduated from Shanghai Hong Chuan Institute where he was awarded multiple diplomas for mastering the preparation of Western, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Bai Hao had spent most of his life working in Singapore and Shanghai.

During his free time, he like to embark on food hunting to broaden his knowledge on the area. Bai Hao has a feverish attitude for Korean food, entertainment and fashion. As such, discerning local customers would realize our bentos actually include elements of Korean cooking and ingredients. This deliberate attempt by Bai Hao to blend in foreign influence is consistent with our idealism to create “the borderless cuisine”.