1. What is KimNaNa Bento?

KimNaNa is aiming to be a “Creative Bento Centre”. Our team is committed to design and develop different type of bento with different themes for different crowd as well as fusion of different culinary styles. Our bento comprised of both traditional and non-traditional bento so that our customers could have a good choice and fulfilling their different needs.


2. What is GUMIHO Beauty Bento?

Gumiho Beauty Bento is our signature Bento. It is specifically designed to suit the nutritional need of woman especially for beauty purposes based on the recommendations and theories of many worldwide experts specialised in Nutritional Science and Naturopathy.


3. Is the food halal?

All our ingredient contain no pork and no alcohol. We sourced our ingredient from halal-certified suppliers and made with love.


4. When can I order?

You can order KimNaNa Bento by 4 pm for next working day delivery.

Up to 15 days advanced order acceptable too! So that you can plan your lunch ahead.


5. How do I place the order?

It’s simple. Place an order online through the kimnanabento.com – simply click on the items you’d like to purchase, check out what’s in your shopping cart. Sign in or enter in your email, delivery address, contact number and password you want at the check out. Online payment (Direct bank transfer is available!) or

Pay cash to our friendly delivery guy when your food arrives.


6. How will I know you’ve received my order?

If your order has been processed, you should receive an email confirmation (psst…sometimes it’s in your junk folder). You may also able to login “My Account” to view whether the status is “Processing”.

If we have any questions about your order, we’ll get in touch with you 🙂


7. What are the payment options for ordering?

Online payment is available!

We are using Ipay88, The most secure payment gateway. You can pay through your Maybank2U, CIMBClick, etc…

We also accept cash on delivery. We really appreciate if you have the exact amount ready.


8. If I ordered, when can I expect the food to arrive?

You have 3 options of delivery time (ie. 12pm, 12.30pm and 1pm) on the delivery date you selected. We’ll send you a message when our lovely driver is about to reach your premise so you can pop down to the building lobby and meet him or her.


9. Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver our KimNaNa Bento to many areas of Klang Valley. You may refer to the “Delivery Areas” of the website. Just give us a shout if you’re not sure if we deliver to you.


10. How much is delivery fee?

Free delivery (yes it is FREE!) if you meet the minimum order quantity requirement.


11. Is there a minimum order requirement?

There is minimum order requirement for different delivery zone. You may refer to the “Delivery Areas” page for minimum order for different zone.


12. Do you supply dinner?

Yes. But it is on special arrangement basis and minimum order quantity is higher than lunch order. If interested, please email us at sales@kimnanabento.com.


13. Do you supply during weekend and public holidays?

Yes. But it is on special arrangement basis and minimum order quantity is higher than lunch order. If interested, please email us at sales@kimnanabento.com.



14. Do you accept customised order for Corporate?

Yes! Please email to sales@kimnanabento.com and stating your requirements.


15. Is your Bento halal?

It is pork free and alcohol free.


16. What is Kimnana Referral Program?

When an existing registered customer (eg. Ms A) refers us to her friend (eg. Ms B). Upon Ms B making first purchase with Kimanabento.com, Ms A will be credited with certain KIM points into her account. These KIM points can be used for future purchases. Detailed step of making referral is stated in each registered customer’s account (ie. My Account).


17. What is KIM point?

KIM point collected can be used for any purchases at Kimnanabento.com. For example, Ms A has KIM point balance of 18 points, she can use it for purchasing one set of Gumiho Bento without paying a single cent. Therefore, the more referral you make, the more KIM point you collect, the more FREE bento you will get.


18. Do you charge GST and service charge?

No! We are not GST registered at this moment. We will inform you in future when we have registered for GST. Unlike most of the restaurants, we do not charge service charge.


19. If you have other questions, drop us an email at sales@kimnanabento.com