Lois (小卢) (34 y)

Branding Director 

Nickname “Little Loo”, Lois has many cats and kitten under her care.

Lois had more than ten years working experience in the field of branding and graphic design. She was an Art Director with a branding investment and management company.

She was also the founder of Wonderkitten, a graphic design agency specializing in illustration, concept designs and storyboard. Lois’s work had a strong emphasis on the details of life that most people would often overlooked.

One of her more prominent work had been illustrations done for the widely acclaim “The Star of Ribba”. The book had been featured by famous 8TV newscaster Mr Tan Chia Yong and Malaysia famous comic book artist Mr. Michael Chuah.



Lois 在品牌与平面设计领域拥有十余年的工作经验。她曾在一家品牌投资与管理公司担任艺术总监,也是插图与设计公司Wonderkitten的创办人。Lois的创作风格着重强调人们所容易忽略的生活细节。在她的众多插图里,代表作包括“力拔兔的星光”。这本书曾被8TV 新闻主播陈嘉荣以及马来西亚著名漫画家蔡诗中所大力推崇。