Terence (39 y)


Nickname “Cool Man”, Terence is serious by nature and seldom wear a smile at work. He had held senior positions with the Big 4 International accounting firms, and also served as the Chief Financial Officer of a local public listed company.

Not only had Terence travelled to many parts of the world for leisure, he even had the opportunity to work and reside many years abroad. The cross cultural experiences gave Terence the opportunity to sample a wide range and variety of food prepared under different cooking methods using different ingredients in different countries. It has always been Terence’s wish that one day, through the application of modern nutritional, dietary and naturopathy science studies in some of the best food he had come across, he is able to create aesthetically pleasant, healthy, convenient and affordable Bento that every working Malaysian can enjoy every day.


外号“Cool Man” 的Terence生性不苟言笑,工作态度严肃认真。他过去除了曾任职于四大国际会计事务所之外,也曾担任过本地一间上市公司的首席财务官。Terence除了到访过许多国家旅游,也曾经为了工作需要长期逗留国外。这些丰富的跨国体验让Terence有机会尝遍不同国家以不同食材及烹调方法所做出的不同菜式。Terence的心愿就是希望有一天把他所品尝过的美食,集合营养学,养身学及食物治疗学的理论,以便当的形式在马来西亚推广开来,让所有上班族都能每天享用卖相佳,营养,方便又平价的午餐。